Friday, August 7, 2009

Must learn to cherish people around you..

I used to always think that people around you will always be around will get to see them whenever you feel like to..Wrong..sometimes need alot of elements to bring peoples must cherish people you care around you spend every moment together like its your last.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Island

Remember i said about Lala one island own by me whereby only people i like could stay there with me (family,friends..pets..)at that place no need to worry about anything..only gd food and play all the time day and night..the weather is always nice....i just get to see everyone so happy everyday!!

Now can i have anther small island just not v far away only for the two of us?...we get to walk on the beach..we see fireworks at night and we sleep in each other's arms...the firt thing i sees when i am awake is you holding my fav breakfast eating with me...the weather is always cool..we can play 2pit games and sports..and hopefully we have a really big speaker with all the music and songs we like all day long....and there are no work thing to worry dont care about mosquitoes and snails... everywhere is pretty flowers and wines and great food..haha and with you all the good byes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you!!

First of all thanks for all my friends that always read my blog and give a damn about hows my life...i mean i really happy that i have friends that care about me (i am always not gd at caring for others) thanks for all your coments, sms and email!! Think i will stop blogging for awhile just when i want to do this i notice this is my 100 post..~~ actually i wanted to cancel this account and stop everything..but one of my gd friend said.."aiya you stop le later will start again like to blog..take photos and share..dont stop le than open a new one hor very luan!!" so i think i will just say i wont be blogging for a long time....

Ok..people will ask why stop...well i just feel that in life there are too many things i cant control..many things and feelings. And i cant express myself using just writting and words sometimes i cant even say it out loud...i always thought that through writting those in my blog.. i will feel better but i think i lied to myself for a v long time...i think most of my friends feel that i am v cheerful and strong...well there are time whereby i cried very often..listening to a sad song, watching a sad movie, reading a sad book or thinking of something sad that happened in the past or a person i missed....but realise that there are alots of things i did not share in my blog..i am scared people know something i even scared i wrote it and want that someone to know...but in the end its like its better i stop for awhile think carefully what i really want and feel.

Thanks all of you who has been reading my blog...Allen (Who love me and the family so much and being my friend and husband), Xiuzhen (my forever best friend and sister who never know this blog at all but i often cried to her i love her so much), Chris (Always the first to know my updates and always shower me with alot i mean really ALOT of care and concern thank will always be my best friend) , My sisters~ Felicia, Lilian and Yumiko (Able to get to know all of you and knowing that you will be there for me i am so blessed) and at last all of you that like reading my crap and care about me !!

At last i want to share with all of you the 2 songs i have been listening to sleep.. to work..all the time...they are : 钟无艳 by 谢安琪 and 会呼吸的痛 by 梁静茹...

Try listening..i like their 歌词 very much.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few things to update....

Today got a bird fly into my house sooo cute haha i took a photo of it...guess my luck will change soon...should be better la~~~

My mum gave me this really cute cat keychain... 2 of them i hang on my guitar bag and bag i bring to school....Thanks mum...will bring her out for dinner tonight.

Another funny dark looking photo was that time i trying to take photo of the moon....end up not v wonderful la but i like the feeling so just want to share here...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am unhappy..and the only place i thought of of going is the ZOO..thats a place where i feel peaceful and like a child worries..and those animals are amazing!!~~ I wanted to go alone but i also love to have acompany...haiz..but who?.. YOU YOU the one reading my blog..will you go to the ZOO with me?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Change my guitar strings~~

Last week when i try to tune my guitar my string snap (lousy tuner)..i was like oh my god siao liao how am i going to play i called my guitar teacher for help..its nearly 10 pm...he was v nice said i can bring it over and he will teach me how to change the strings...

When i reached he even bought a new set of strings for me...its those coated long lasting strings..good one..haha i used to use GHS strings but think i will change in the future using D'addario coated strings..he change one string for me and i see how to do it..and i manage to change the rest =) haha not too bad..not v ugly also..i am v happy with alot of man zhu gan!!

Few days later when to get a few accessories for my guitar..a new turner (so that the same thing wont happen again) and a capo... well recently busy with exams and training did not get to play much of my guitar..must find more time for it!! Althought i still find time to take my humming bird out to admire it..haha its really beautiful hopfully one day i able to get the Gibson ver.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My new red cap and guitar wall mount

My guitar gets to hang on the wall today~~ thanks dad for helping me to install the wall mount for my guitar so that i could reach it whenever i want to practice~~althought my hummingbird still in the case cos i bu she de to take out (so silly) maybe wait till i play better....

Got a new red cap today~~happy~~ got some jap words (someone pls help me translate...) and a jap flag on the side (cant see on the pic..) i like it!! well anything jap just cant be wrong for me (except jap ex-boyfriends) haha i like my new cap althought i love my friend's WW doaremon gucci look alike cap more..haha i should post one of the pic i took for that cap soon....

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Epiphone Hummingbird~~!!

Today finally my Epiphone Hummingbird is going home with me!! so happy!!! Well in order to have this baby i sold my phones and everything cost like $720...but compare to Gibson Hummingbird (my dream!!) which cost like $9000..well for now i am really contented with my Epiphone ver. and i just start learning like for 3 weeks..i think is pretty crazy to spent $700 over on a guitar and gave up my phones (which i did really she bu de) but this hummingbird is sooo beautiful..worth it!!~~ must really work hard on my guitar skill...haiz my fingers and hand~~!! Jia You~~~

Monday, May 4, 2009


Last week i started taking guitar lesson from my dad..haha it really hurts~~my fingers really hurts!!! Been using my dad's got my own first guitar...haha happy!!~~ok i will learn hard!!~~~
And when i am good and rich..i will buy the Gibson Hummingbird guitar!! God its so beautiful i saw one today..its $4400!!!!~~(and Cheer is using it..) haha its really very pro kind of guitar..well i can wait..maybe.....5 years~~ haha

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Toys~~

Here are some photos of my Toys..those Stitch are in my car...Bearbrick in my room..and thats my fav. sad crying cat it look so sad make my want to teng it more...haha one day maybe i will get a grey cat (haha mum will kill me Kaka and Koko is enough le la) And photo of Kaylen reading she is so big now but really really naughty!!

Tampines 1 Ramen~~~Uni Qlo!!

Went to the new shopping Tampines 1 with Allen yesterday~~ He brought me to eat the Famous Japanese Village at storey 3 where they sell lots of Japanese food!! I love the Ramen well i always love Raman and Shoyu Raman is my fav.!!! I finished everything it was so good...i told Allen i dont want to go any other place for Jap food anymore (haha kidding la)...And the price there was Shoyu Ramen cost $8.80..still ok ;)

We also went to Uni Qlo..GOD i love that Shop!!~~ Even when i in Japan thats the shop i will go every week!!~~and spent all my pay there haha.. Finally its in Spore!!! And this week if you buy anything they give you this really nice and cute paperbag!!~~i Love it!!!!! I think i told Allen i never want to go any where else to buy clothes le..haha...Love Uni Qlo~~!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My lovely GOLD watch

I have been searching for this watch all over Singapore since i last saw a person working at M1 wearing was so nice i ask her where she got she said in Japan Spore wont have...than i say cant be sure i can fine it!!! I tried shops in Singapore they say saw it before but its limited edition all sold the end i ask Yumiko help me find it in Japan..haha finally she found it..and i receive it by mail today!!~~Thanks to Yumiko~~afterall that girl was right can only get it in Japan but F those people from local shops la...what the hell is limited edition..still got la just not in Spore la~~!!! But that girl M1 said that she got it for less than $100 cos its on sales...think Yumiko got it arounf $ Ex Casio lei...but haiz..well i like it soooo much!!~~Thanks Yumiko for the hardwork!!~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drunk night~~~again!!

Went to some pub in Orchard with Idy last night...she is right the chicken wings there was nice~~and thanks for treating me haha and of cos after that 2nd round at your house was....haha fun la..your mum's soup was Good!!! But i am drunk again...well thanks for accompany me when i am down...

想起綺貞的歌 “魚“

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cheer Chen Autograph cds

Thanks Liyun gave me that two Cheer Chen Autograph cds!!! And i also cant seems to find these 2 albums in those CD shops i tried...

Nowadays its really hard to get a job i am trying too...thanks for those who have trust in me and care about me...i am so lucky to have you!! For those who are not..i also want to thank you i will show you i can do it!!! What does not kill me will only make me stronger~!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Just came home from Cheer Chen Concert~~i am HIGH!!!

I just came back from Cheer's concert GOD its the best i ever feel...the concert is so GOOD!!!! I just dont want to go home keep listening to her powerful voice!!~~ She really can make all the people high by just singing and playing the guitar by herself, She is the magic!!~~and she can be very cool, funny and cute at the same time~~!!! I wonder how can someone sing so well and her emotions is so real~~very touching!! She just became my Fav singer today!!~~ Rene Liu once said that - If i am a woman i want to be Cheer Chen but i want to be a man so that i can woo her..!! I think after her concert i felt the same haha..well well i not lesbian la..just really like her voice and her performance is sooooo GOOD!!! She sang for 3 hours non stop people just dont want to leave so she also kept on singing until both fans and her very tired but we were so happy!!!!!! I want to go to all her concerts in the future..thats what i wish for~~!!! I got myself 2 t-shirts and a poster..haha well the t-shirts looks nice...bu she de to wear...haha...I LOVE CHEER CHEN!!!!~~~ Qi Zhen jia you!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Lucky Tickets!!~~

I WON a pair of Cheer Chen concert tickets!!~~ haha i am so lucky!! Yesterday i bought her album from HMV knowing that they have this lucky draws to win her concert tickets..i want to try my luck cos i really want to watch...but this morning i just feel that i am not so lucky lor cos i never win anything in my life...Allen want to make me happy so her bought one $108 ticket for me..i so happy than around late afternoon HMV called say i am the winner of the tickets..i was sooooo happy!!!!! And lucky Allen can cancel the ticket he bought!!~~i get to watch Cheer's concert and have a company with me !!~~ I want to buy her concert goods!!~~~~~~Ahhhh..still got 19 more hours to go!!~~~waiting waiting~~~!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


It's Tomorrow!! I am going to Cheer Chen [The Sun] Singapore Concert 2009 ~~ I've been thinking waiting thinking cos i really want to watch it..ticket really Ex..cheapest one left only $108.. Thanks Allen for the suprise~~!!!! I hate my ex-boss..hold my pay if not i will get the ticket long ago!!! Really looking forward~~its Tomorrow!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My LG X110 Netbook

Did i say that my Macbook is "up-lorry"..haiz the disc drive got problem if i want to repair got to pay 400 i sold it...i got no laptop for like 1 month plus :( and too be my job is like on and off so cant get a new Macbook....lucky yesterday i want to Plaza Sing M1 having a roadshow if i sign-up their mobile broadband for 2 years i will get a LG netbook for FREE!!~~ so happy...althougth i got to pay like $69 every month for the broadband but at least the laptop is free which i need it so haiz...just sign and die lor..oh come on sure i can pay $69 a month ba..haha and another 150 for my phone bills..God i am so broke...haiz my boss still dont want to pay me!!!~~~ okok relax i wait wait wait and my $$$ will come de!! So far the LG netbook is GOOD~~ fast and GOOD....haha but i got to buy a external disc drive for cost me $139!! God..did i say i am broke!!~~~ i really $$$ AH~~!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I was so bored at home i took my Tokidoki Bearbrick out to play..haha Yeah he wins after a fight~~!! haha ok la i v bo liao....but they are really cute...think i just fell in love with Tokidoki..everything about it is so cute and nice.. i love the the design...and they are all very very cute..going to hunt for them..haha their hats t-shirt cute but online is so ex..the goods price is the shipping kills!!! Jia You...Singapore sure got one...try harder~~~

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Timbre ~~

Went to Timbre with Zhen and Idy...well well dont quite like that place its v warm...but the food, wine and price was all right..just wish we can actually choose to be in air-con area if the weather gets too warm. We are friends for over 15 years the 3 of us can talk and share about almost everything...really enjoy being around them... in the end drink too much and too fast haha i drunk la....haha..thanks Zhen for sending me home..and Idy for the lovely stitch keychain =) Love ya all!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kaylen Kaylen...

Kaylen is so big now..very naughty..haha but still love her~~ she is a darling sometimes..but most of the time devil la!!

The Gold Omnia ~~

Here's the new limited edition Omnia in Gold/Brown....after my Pixon bad battery life and dead pixel on screen..even after repair still the same..i change to its brother Omnia.. This is a beauty..and the battery life so far so good..still trying to get use to windows mobile..very different from others. It has almost camare..but still camare Pixon ofcos is the best..hope this will be a keeper... =p

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Driving Driving ~~

I got my license for almost a year le...11 April 2008 i got it, i still remember how execited i was when i know i passed!! I thought it will be so good to be able to drive around...but haiz..i dont really enjoy lor..driving is tiring, stress and angry most of the time...sometimes drivers on the road can be so mean that really ruin my day!!! Althought having a car is very convenient..but also very expansive...i think more than half of my pay goes to my car...haiz...g0t to work hard earn more least buy a better car more comfortable and powerful...haha wont get bully be other mean drivers on the road!! Check out the Vovlo C30...i like it so much!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nokia 6300 ~ Choco ~

I must say i fell in love with Nokia 6300...i think Nokia did a gd job for this very simple to use and i must say the design is really very beautiful...i used to have the normal ver. than change to another phone...than i saw the black ver. very tempting to get it but lucky the Choco brown ver. came out!!! Must get!! Its so nice~~and is limited edition!! (Pink and brown always my fav.) its all about back to basic phone but..its so nice and small that i dont mind put my Samsung Pixon aside for awhile and just enjoy simple and nice 6300 for now =) I was told there was a 6300 gold edition..but is very limited..will love to take a look...must be nice too...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Haircut~~

Went for a new haircut today..haha funny looking but i still prefer short hair Singapore weather too warm~~~ althought the guy who cut my hair and some so my friend said that i long hair look better...well maybe next time la...

Finally i manage to take photo of Kaka and Koko sitting next to each other...haha so cute!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Blink Blink * GPS

Here's my blink blink GPS haha finally i did something i always wanted to but too lazy to do... place those tiny crystal sticker on my boring looking gadget...i like it!!~~

Another update is that Blackberry phone is not my cup of tea..first of all it cant receive/send mms....and the camera was really bad and without getting blackberry services you cant email too...its really for business use la..where by to me phone with gd camera is more important. So i change to Samsung pixon..the camera is really gd (I took this GPS photo with it) its so clear!! Only bad things is that the battery life sucks and no wifi..but so far i still like it~~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 2 cats & work !!~~

I've got new member in my family....KoKo...haha as you can see in the photo...he is white and so cute (His eyes one are blue and the other sre yellow so special)...has became KaKa gd friend!! Kaka also getting more and more handsome ya!!~~ so happy to go home after work see them sitting near each other waiting for me!!~~ think they are just lazy to move not really waiting for me la..but still happy to see them and Kaylen!!~~

Talk about work haiz....tiring...and bored but i guess work is never fun..everyone goes through shit once in awhile..well i can only hope for the best..hate doing cold call and quotations...haiz...must think about $$$ and i can do alot of things with $$$ mac book is gone first thing is to get a new notebook with it i am so so sad and i really need it!!~~ Jia you Jia you!!~~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Blackberry BOLD~~

Well all my friends know that i am a mobile phone freak..haha always changing (sometimes too much) but i just can't help it..nowadays they are so fun.its like a all in one multimedia device..i have tried almost all brands ... i love Nokia battery life the best, sonyericsson design nicer...Lg and samsung affortable screen brighter, iphone is so cool and user friendly (i am a apple fan)...Now i finally get to try something i never tried before the Blackberry...i thought it will be hard to get use to it...but it all right just need to play with it more often...and i really like the keypad it is so comfortable to type a message using it..the size is a little big but the wifi is really gd...althought i did not use much of the email thingy but still its gd for me.. battery life not so good but still all right just have to charge daily, the worst thing is the camera i dont understand why not a better camera for such a gd phone?! (i love to take photos..) haiz maybe that why they say its for business far i am happy with it.will set up my email account soon with it..

Also like to post a photo of Kaka and Koko eating together.they so cute~~!! Love Them!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It has been a long time~~

Its has been a long time since the last time i update my blog...haiz i am so lazy haha..well lots of things happened..i will slowly update in the future.

I happen to know this game from another person blog :

What would your own album look like if you were in a band? Follow the directions below and find out...Here are the rules:1 - Go to Wikipedia. Hit "Random Articles"or click first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.2 - Go to Quotations Page and select "random quotations"or click last four or five or few words of the very last quote on the page is the title of your first album.3 - Go to Flickr and click on "explore the last seven days"or click picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.4 - Use Photoshop or any other image editor to put it all together.

I attached a pic of how my debut album will look like..haha its cool band will be RIVERFORD!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

High School Musical 3

My Fav movie of the month High School Musical 3... i just love the engery in this movie..haha even bought the soundtrack (Been playing for the whole week in my car)... i went to the cinema to watch it for 3 times so far...haha still wanting to watch again... i even bought the dvds for HSM 1 & 2 also the soundtracks...but still love HSM 3 the best!!

Xmas came early for me..haha thanks Chris for getting me my Fav perfum Chanel coco mademoiselle..and also a beautiful Gucci Handphone strap...Xie xie ni!!

My Jap friend Yumiko will be visiting me this Friday..this time she will stay for 5 days...hopefully i could think of interesting places to bring her to...Good luck to me~~~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My New Rims & Tyres ~~ ZOO Trip

After months of seaching and thinking...finally i got a new set of rims and tyres for my Alto... from day one i wanted to change le..never come across one i like with the right size and price.. finally today i found!!~~Allen accompany go a few shops to check them out and we manager to find the beautiful rims with the prefect size and price!!~~ haha my car "IS CHANGE"... Love it!!~~ and my drive seems better ...emm..HAPPY!!

On the PH on Mon we all went to the ZOO Kaylen, Mum, Allen and me...haha Kaylen always "Ahh..Wuu.." first time she saw so many animals ba...the weather was so warm..and so many people went that day...well..too bad 2 hours after we arrived...starting to rain!!!~~ We missed alot of other animals...the white tiger..polar bears....emm...well next year we shall bring Kaylen there again....

Monday, October 27, 2008

UFO Machine??

Today Allen and i went to watch "the coffin".. the movie was all right la..but not as scary as i thought before watching. Before the movie we went to the game arcade...haha we use $5 and very lucky we caught 3 mickey/stitch handphone strap...haha lucky lucky..very happy...very different feeling when you buy it.. its very happy and the satisfaction is hard to describe!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Korean restaurant ~ BEST fight!!

Today Allen brought me to this Korean restaurant... i always like korean food...their kim chi, BBQ meat and i have tasted the best beef!! Others no fight...really good!! I also tried the korean beer Hite..taste very light, abit like Asahi. The rest we ordered so-so only...if next time i go for the BBQ beef enough le...haha love it!!
And i cut my hair again..too short ah!!! : (

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A cute bear, a suprise and new WATCH!!!

On sat i went to Orchard with Allen...i walk passed Pull & Bear in Taka...saw this really cute bear sticker outside their shop..i dont know what it means but i really like this bear!! On Mon i went back to work...My manager Steven suprise me with a white stitch (my fav. colour) it is so cute really made my happy... haha even Allen said its v cute!!
Today i went to this seiko outlet at Orchard...with a friend who always buy seiko watches from i walk around and this watch caught my eyes...haha v simple but the sec needle is bright green which is v outstanding it... than i ask if can have more discount...guess what... 30%!!! haha and its v cheap after discount...$125...(nowadays with car...i cant buy those ex ex watch i like le) well anyway this is gd to wear to work..whereby i wont feel so heartpain when i knock onto those magazines or my car...haha so this is my nice new cheap watch..haha like it!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gelare~~ waffles!!

Today i went to Gelars with Allen for their waffles...i like their waffle but ice cream too sweet for me dont really like...but i think abit overprice...cost around $15 for waffle and 2 scoop of ice cream..emm...$15 and not even a meal just eat for fun...haha i think nowadays people willing to spend alot on food..well i enjoy gd food but more willing to spend on shopping..haha hopeless~~!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Haizz...Accident...Poor Alto

On Tue before i realise my Alto bang into other people car...haiz...suay... got to pay for his repair $400 and my poor Alto (Lucky Jacky help me do cheap cheap)...haiz i think that person sure over charge me...$400 lei for a little paint job?! a little knocking?!! Emmm...and he no car to use so need to rent car also i PAY!!~~~ wah lau..i die die must be more careful next time never ever knock into other people car again!! Lucky Allen and mum help me alittle if not...quite hard for me to come up with the full i looking forward to PAYDAY!!~~~ see even the gov give us $240 i use it to pay that person!! haiz...thought i could use it for other things~~~ haizz...all gone...use all my savings bought a car..spend rest of my monthly pay on it...haiz... sad sad...and i missed my Alto...she sent for repair for 2 days le....well nvm..will be seeing her in about an hour time...Here i Come Alto...I am so Sorry made you suffer becos of me being so careless!!~~

Monday, September 29, 2008

Singapore F1 ~ Kimi Raikkonen

Last night watch F1 at home...Ah i was hoping Kimi Raikkonen will be at least top 3.. haiz too bad at the ending he accident crush... haiz...i thinking if he top 3 at least got interview haha can see his face longer.. v handsome loy..iceman...than Allen say never mind la.. At least when he crush he will take out helmet also can see face...AHH...haha he did not the end only manage to see his rear view!! Haizz..hopefully next year i will be able to get the F1 Tickets in time to watch him...haha and he will WIN!!~~~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kaylen's new jacket and my driving buddies ~

Today Kaylen wore her new Jacket..haha from Liyun and Xiuzhen for her birthday..haha so cute i think she look nice in it!!

I took a photo of my car backseat..haha all my stitchs... haha well they are my driving buddies...always accompany me when i driving..haha i love the white one..its so special..the colour i like..i spent a hard time looking for it..thanks Chris for helping me find out where to get it..and thanks Allen for getting it for me~~ ( ^ - ^ )